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French for the Camino 

Enjoy a richer experience walking in France

You've made your decision:  You are going to walk the Via Podiensis in France.

Bravo! Toutes nos félicitations !


Did you know that most of the pilgrims along this way are French nationals on holiday and French retirees who generally walk only 1 to 2  weeks on the route every year ? 


And now -maybe- you are asking yourself: 

  • Will I be able to communicate with the locals and the French Pilgrims?

  • Will I feel lonely if I can't speak French? Specially in the evenings at dinner time. 

  • Will I be missing some important information about life and culture in France?

Don't worry. We've got your back!

We organise small conversation groups just for you.

The focus is on learning 

  • practical structures that you can start using immediately on the camino.

  • help with pronunciation 

  • integrating cultural aspects linked to the language


Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Kate.

I'm half-French and half-British.

Or rather, as I like to put it, 100% French and 100 % British.

I've lived most of my adult life in Paris, France where I was a drama teacher and a mind-body therapist.

I also had a company "Les Passe-Partout pour l'Europe", specialised in teaching languages through drama, play acting and conversation. 

In my early 20s I was asked one day -by a friend of mine who was an English teacher- if I could replace her during her maternity leave. I said NO.

Not unless I could do it -my way- and teach people using my skills as a drama teacher.

My idea was to create circumstances that helped people learn the basics in as natural a way as possible.


That's how my company" Les Passe-Partout pour l'Europe" was born. 

We worked with people "de 7 à 77 ans" , as we say in French, between 1992 and 2017, when I moved to the UK to live with my Camino Love, Robert. (see our story).


You know:

THOSE questions!



 3 to 6 people maximum.


If you are interested in private sessions, please email me at


As these sessions are brand new, I'm doing a 4 session package.

You sign up for 4 sessions in 4 consecutive weeks.


We begin on Tuesday, May 24th.

12 PM Eastern time.


If a lot of people sign up, I'll open other time slots on Tuesdays.

If you live in New Zealand or Australia, please contact me. 

We'll work out a time that is good for all of us.


You get a private access to the recording of the video.

You get an MP 3 with the main words and sentences so you can listen and "rehearse" wherever you are.


At Camino Way of Life, we like to make everything we do available to the greatest number of people.

That's why I'm offering  a package of 4 sessions at a suggested donativo of

US $ 40.


Or you can pay whatever you feel is fair and respectful of your financial situation.


Whatever you wish to contribute, please know that it will be received with great gratitude.


If you sign up for our upcoming "4 sessions in 4 consecutive weeks", you get an MP4/ MP3 of relaxation in French.

It is a body scan -in French- to invite you to let go of physical, mental and emotional tension.

It can help you relax wherver you are ...especially in a gîte if people around you are snoring....(just an example !)


Please contact me ASAP at

 What can I learn in 4 sessions? 
 Is it only 4 sessions? 

These sessions are not for total beginners.

If you are a total beginner, please email me at

These sessions are for people who've learned French at school..maybe a long time ago and feel "rusty".

They focus on helping you gain confidence as you practice

  • Presenting yourself. Saying a few things about yourself, where you are from, perhaps if you already have an experience of the camino or maybe even why you want to walk the Podiensis.

  • Learning the basics to ask for help : if you get lost, expressing your needs and desires in a shop  (pharmacie, boulangerie,...) or even at the gîte.

They are the very basic sentences you need to start a conversation with your fellow pilgrims.​

My hope and dream

Is to create an ongoing group of like-minded people, people who love the Podiensis , and help them acquire both language skills and cultural knowledge to fully enjoy their time in France. 

It is also a way for me to pay hommage to my British Grandmother, Lucy, who had a small business helping people on cultural exchange programmes between the UK and France was called Amitié Mondiale.

Its logo was a circle of men and women from all over the world holding hands and supporting each other.

I think the world needs a lot of "Amitié Mondiale".

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