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Camino de Santiago, Woman walking

"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears"


A path to FREEDOM


A Personal Message from Kate and Rob


It’s hard to believe, but, somehow in less than a year, our whole world has been shaken to its very roots, changed in fundamental and somewhat scary ways. It’s a whole new world out there. 


And what of the future? Who can imagine what this year will bring?


No matter what's going on around us, we may -individually- be dealing with serious issues: 

A divorce, a loss, a job failure, a combination of stressors. Or,

maybe just moving into the second half of life?

We don’t need global changes to have already reached a breaking point to feel lost, fearful, and confused.


These circumstances can make us ask the question:

 “WTF are our lives really about? And, what are we doing with our time on this Earth?"

We've both been here, and we know how easy it is to slip back into worry and fear.


We know ourselves to be lucky and blessed because we discovered, and hiked, the Camino de Santiago. The experience was literally life-changing.


The Camino showed us a way to keep going, find our way, and ultimately rise up stronger through times of stress and uncertainty. We learned to connect to things that don’t change, like life on the Camino, a simpler, freer, way of life connected with ourselves and to others by love. A life where we don’t have to pretend, put up a false exterior. A life where we can be our true selves free from fear and worry. 


We call this the Camino Way of Life.


We, each, discovered it, independently, on our first and solo Caminos and developed it through subsequent Caminos and in our lives since.


On the Camino, we discover how little we actually need to be happy. We begin to understand how our lives back home are filled with meaningless stuff, habits, and actions. 

On the Camino, we meet all kinds of people. Some might even trigger us but the Camino has a way of softening and opening our hearts to allow a true connection.  


We learn to let go of judgment, of fear... We learn to live in the present moment and to trust.


We start seeing beauty in everything.


We discover love, for ourselves and each other.


We open up to a 'higher power’ and find trust.


We begin to reclaim our lives.


The greatest thing, though, is we don’t need to even walk a Camino because this way of living is available to us all.


Please join and explore how you too can reclaim your life.

We found the

"Camino Way of Life."

Camino de Santiago, beach wedding, Kate and Rob, Camino Love, Camino Way of Life
Camino Way of Life, Footprints in the Sand, Nazaré Portugal, Portuguese Caminho

You too can find it, and 

you don't even have to walk a Camino.  

It's why we created this space.

What is the 'Camino Way of Life'...?
Camino de Santiago, Camino buddies, Chemin du Piémont, Camino Way of Life
  • It's a state of mind, a way of being
  • It's a spiritual path 
  • It's an alignment of mind, body, and soul
  • It's a place we journey to
  • It's a portal, a liminal space
  • It's a beautiful way to live
It's a way of awar
Step by step... 
It leads you to an awareness of who you are
and where you’re going
It helps you let go and trust
It opens you to Beauty
Camino de Santiago, Way marker, Memory Stones, Camino Way of Life
Camino de Santiago, beautiful trail on Camino Primitivo

It's a path of freedom, wonder and love.

It can be discovered walking a Camino… or not!
Welcome to the Camino Way of Life!
Camino love on the Camino Francés, Vega de Valcarce
Camino Francés, rest stop meeting with Carly and Carly, near Cacabelos


This space is for all who sense there's another     

dimension to life. 

That we have spent too long living up to the expectations of others.

That there's a part of us aching to come alive and be set free.

Many of us walk the Camino de Santiago (see below)

in the hope, it'll transform our lives. Indeed many of us do experience profound shifts. Then we return home eager to bring the "Camino experience" with us but then stumble upon "Reality".


The real journey begins back home.

How can we live authentic lives, remain open and loving in a society that promotes fear?

How do we find the courage and confidence to trust our inner compass?

Where can we find the encouragement and support to embody our new way of being? 

If these questions mean something to you, whether or not you have walked a Camino, we welcome you with open arms.



We hope to inspire you as we share our story.

We want to offer encouragement and support on your journey.

We can help you in practical ways.

This begins with getting out of your head and into your body.

Let your body be your guide.  



The truth is that we're all on this journey...deepening our understanding of life as we expand our consciousness.


One step at a time. Just like on the Camino.


Buen Camino!


Kate & Robert

Camino de Santiago, Camino Way of Life Shell
Camino de Santiago, Camino Way of Life Shell
El Camino de Santiago
History of the Camino
The Camino de Santiago dates 
back to the Middle Ages.
It's a network of pilgrimage routes from across Europe that lead to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia NW Spain. 
The pilgrimage almost died out in the 20th Century but in recent years it has seen a huge revival.
Today, people from all over the world are drawn to the Camino. Over 350,000 people hiked to Santiago in 2019.
People walk the Camino for many reasons, some for religious or spiritual reasons, others because they enjoy the physical challenge, and some to get away from it all and connect with nature.
For many walking a Camino becomes a path of transformation.


            The Scallop Shell is its symbol.

                           The Yellow Arrow its guide.

Camino de Santiago, Camino Way of Life Scallop Shell
Camino de Santiago, Yellow arrow, Camino Way of Life
Camino Routes
Camino de Santiago, Map of the major Caminos in Spain,
Why lead a Camino Way of Life?
Camino, via Podiensis, Chemin du Puy-en-Velay, France
  • Do you feel the trajectory of your life is wrong?

  • Do you feel lost?

  • Do you feel stuck, trapped by the obligations, expectations, and stresses of your life?

  • Perhaps you feel like a failure?

  • Do you have a nagging feeling that there’s something better out there but you don’t know what, how to get there, or where to find help?

  • Do you feel it's too late?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of changing your life?

Do you seek answers to the big questions in life:

  • What’s the meaning of life?

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here?

  • Do I matter?

  • What’s the point?

Camino de Santiago, Statue of St James, Camino Way of Life
Camino de Santiago, del Norte, Nothern or Coastal route, Camino Way of Life

Our human experience often comes with painful, uncomfortable, feelings, and emotions that make us feel helpless, fearful… 

We call these ‘our growing pains”. As uncomfortable as they may be, they herald the beginning of the  (re)discovery of who we really are.

We don’t have any ready-made answers, but we can share a way that works for us and many others.

We call it:

“The Camino Way of Life”

Camino de Santiago, Camino shadows, Camino Way of Life

So how do you live a Camino Way of Life? 

It's been several years and several different Camino routes since we hiked our first Caminos. We consider ourselves very blessed and fortunate we got the chance to walk even one.


The experience changed our lives completely: we discovered a simpler, less stressful way of living. We feel free, in tune with life, and connected to our higher selves. We went from being uncertain about what the future may bring to knowing, it's never too late, and that life would only get better. 


For many folks, though, it's not possible to find the time (ideally 20-30 days for 800 km/300-500 miles), or the timing isn't right to go walk a Camino. 

So, what should you do, how can you start to live a Camino Way of Life?

Camino de Santiago, living the Camino Way of Life, Nazaré, Portugal

Or, maybe you’ve walked a Camino and returned home with a desire to live more in harmony with your experience but hit the wall of “reality”:

-your old life, habits, and commitments getting in the way.

So,  how do you live a Camino Way of Life back home? 


  • you have walked a Camino and want to keep that spirit alive, or

  • you've never walked but know you want to change your life.

Today we live such profoundly unbalanced and stressful livesAnd, making matters worse we live with a mind that's disconnected from our body and spirit, we feel a kind of alienation. 

BUT, we can bring our mind, body, and spirit back into harmony -reset and reduce our stress- using the powerful discipline of 


It's a simple, easy-to-learn, and life-changing way that's at the heart of the Camino Way of Life

If the idea of a SIMPLER, FREER and LESS STRESSFUL way of living

appeals to you you have come to the right place.


We invite you to join us in discovering your Camino Way of Life.


You can lead this life too!

Start your journey here...

The Camino Way of Life Offers...


Learn the powerful discipline of SOPHROLOGY

Camino de Santiago, Camino way of Life

Live a low-stress life filled with beauty, creativity, and hope...


Discover the Camino de Santiago and walk to RESET YOUR LIFE

Camino de Santiago, Camino way of Life, Portuguese Camino, Coastal route, Camino Portuguese da Costa

Discover the Camino de Santiago and walk to RESET YOUR LIFE

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