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Welcome to Our New FaceBook Group

We've created a Camino Way of Life Group on FaceBook and would love it if you'd join us and the other pilgrims there in our virtual Albergue/Gîte.

Please drop your backpack, find your bunk, have a shower, wash your clothes, maybe take a nap to recover from a long day.

When you're rested pull up a chair, join your friends, and let's drink a glass of wine or a beer together. 

We all love sharing.


Feel free to share a bit about yourself and say how you came to the Camino, or it came to you.


The Albergue is a place to tell your stories, and your memories, share your pics, say how the Camino changed your life, and what a Camino Way of Life means to you.

Camino Way of Life, Camino de Santiago, Camino Frances, Ander in Hontanas

To join the group please watch the video and

Click the Button Below

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