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My Mum passed away 12 years ago. I'll always remember that call in the night.

We were somewhat estranged ,yet, before she died, my Mum did something extraordinary which -later-really helped me heal my "Mother Wound'. The day before she died, she called me. She had a very merry voice and seemed genuinely happy to be talking to me...which surprised me as our conversations were generally quite strained. Then, when my Mum realised that she wasn't talking to my elder sister Patricia, she paused and then laughed and we had the best conversation ever. Relaxed, light and warm-hearted. Quite the opposite of how we generally communicated.

The following night she had a brain aneurysm and died a few hours later. I always felt her soul made her call me: it wasn't a mistake. It was what I needed to forgive her, and to forgive myself for never allowing her to love me. In that one conversation we relaxed and just enjoyed speaking to each other. There was no "agenda". Just a very nice, gentle funny conversation. It was just love.

May you rest in peace, Maman. I love you

My Mum and I , lake Champlain

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