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Pilgrims walking in early morning light toward Santiago

A path to Freedom

"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears"



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In 2011, Robert walked his first camino, solo.

We didn’t know each other back then.

We didn’t even live in the same country.

In 2014, on Sep 4th, I woke up with a voice in my head, an inspiration : "Walk a Camino"!

I discovered Robert’s Facebook group and walked in 2015.


The dice had been cast.


We truly believe that a “Divine Intelligence” brought us together . We fell in love and began a Eurostar romance.

In 2016 we walked our first camino together.

Many more followed. Including one that lasted 4 months and that we walked “homeless” -we had no fixed address at the time.

Each Camino helped us delve a little deeper into an understanding of what truly matters in life. They helped us let go, and trust.

In 2017 we started living together and exploring a simple, joyful way of living, inspired by our experience of the Camino 

Camino love on the Camino Francés, Vega de Valcarce
Fresh vegetables and fruits for a simple healthy meal

People say we are lucky.

They envy us our freedom, the fact that we found love later in life.

For us, this has nothing to do with luck.


And with hindsight, we understand that things shifted for us when we recognized and acted on inspiration.


Today we use simple and powerful tools and practices that support us on our journey, and our exploration of what it means to be a "spiritual being having a human experience" .


We’re not perfect! LOL

Not everyday is “blissful”. But , every day, in the  “safe space” we have created, we allow ourselves to just be and grow.

While nobody can tell you how to live your life , we’d love to:



Guide and

Encourage you by sharing our experience and practices with you.


Our Camino Way of Life.


Whether you decide to walk a Camino or not, we support you on your Journey.


With much gratitude,

Kate and Robert

Two pilgrims together

Camino Way of Life MANIFESTO

  1. We believe that every human being has the right to enjoy a good life

  2. To live free from constant stress, worry and anxiety

  3. To enjoy warm and authentic connections with fellow human beings. To feel nurtured

  4. To live in peace and harmony with nature

  5. To enjoy good physical, mental, and emotional health

  6. To be spiritually independent

  7. We believe we can create a world guided by love, generosity, common humanity, and trust

  8. We believe every human has a unique gift and should be given the freedom to realize it

  9. We believe that if everyone walked a 30 day Camino, the world would be healed

  10. We believe that changing your life for the better is not limited by age

  11. We believe in synchronicity, that the Goddess of Surprises is always awaits us around the next corner

  12. We believe in YOU!


You can lead this life too!

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The Camino Way of Life Offers...


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Live a low-stress life filled with beauty, creativity, and hope...


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Discover the Camino de Santiago and walk to RESET YOUR LIFE

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